Book 1 ~ Journey Home


Great read. 

This book was given to me by a friend. I enjoyed it very much.
Melissa Dos Santos
November 2019


I knew this was going to be good before I read a word but it has surpassed that with every chapter. Beautifully written story that keeps you engaged throughout it's 98 pages......a must for any young reader!
H. Issac 
October 2019

This book is hard to put down after you start reading it. The characters are fanciful and the storyline easy to follow. Great reading for children of all ages. The message in the book ranges from the effects of water pollution to what can be accomplished when friends work together to solve a problem. I highly recommend this book for young children.
Amazon Customer
September 2019


Journey Home is a great book for all ages. We read a chapter a night at bedtime with our 16 month old son and he loved listening to the story as much as we loved reading it. The characters are easy to love and the story itself sheds light on the consequences our actions have on the animals and world around us. The bond that the characters share shows that sometimes your family are those you choose and "home" isn't always a place but it's who you are with. Hoping there will be a second book, because it left us all wanting to read more about these 3 friends.
September 2019


Journey Home is an amazing story for children and adults to understand how we can be there for each other throughout difficult situations in life. It teaches us about the cause and effects of our actions in the world we live in. Great read for all! I highly recommend you read and enjoy the adventure! 
September 2019


This book was amazing!! It tells a wonderful story about a group of friends on a journey to make the world a better place. My daughter and I loved it and your child will too!!!
Philip Garcia
September 2019


The three friends trust each other and work together to resolve challenges to change their circumstances. Fast paced and engaging story. Children will enjoy the adventure.
September 2019


I am an adult and loved this book. In the polluted world we live in, this book makes us want to clean up the world. I hope everyone can find an Aeternus Pond. (Metal band?) What a great lesson to teach our children. This book is for parents to read to little ones or for any age child that learned to read. I highly recommend every child to hear this book and learn the importance of pollution in our world. Excellent for animal lovers. The only problem I have with this book is that I have no idea when book 2 is coming out and I can't wait. I will be buying this book for many holiday gifts.
L. Blind 
September 2019


I just finished reading this book and I am still smiling from ear to ear. What a wonderful tale of true friendship. I loved the story from this author and hope that there will be more stories to come.
Ricardo D Segui
September 2019


Liked the story. Great story to read to children.
Digna Rodriguez 
August 2019

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