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Wildlife Facts


Oro - Golden Carp.jpeg


Golden Carp

Carp are a very diverse group of freshwater fish, and there are a few characteristics that unite them. Most of these fish have a big, round body and  barbels (long whiskers) for sensing the surrounding environment. The largest specimens of carp grow to some 40 inches and 50 pounds in size.

Kris &. Lou - Blue Catfish.png


Blue Catfish

There are nearly 3,000 different species of catfish. With its blue-gray coloration, this catfish is highly tolerant of brackish waters, which has allowed it to thrive in all kinds of rivers and lakes. Catfish have flat, broad heads a pair of long barbels (the whiskers or feelers) along the upper jaw that act as sensory organs. They also have a long body and flattened head to allow for bottom feeding.

Sheldon - Common Snapping Turtle.png


Common Snapping Turtle

The average weight of an adult snapping turtle ranges from 10 to 35 pounds. These turtles have strong legs and webbed feet making them excellent swimmers. They may retreat to the muddy bottom of a pond or river when threatened. However, they are sometimes found sunning themselves on a fallen log in a pond or creek.

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