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The Aeternus Pond Series

A series of adventure stories for older children and young adults set in the fictional pond of Aeternus. Join the three friends as they take on every challenge, make new friends along the way, learn the mysteries of the pond, struggle with uncertainties and prevail, strengthening their bonds of friendship forever.

Journey Home

A young goldfish in a polluted pond, must find a new place to live or face almost certain death. Unable to leave the small pond on his own, he seeks the help of his best friends, a turtle and a frog. With time running out, their dangerous plan is his only hope. Together they go on a perilous journey to their new home, Aeternus Pond.

Paperback: 103 pages

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN-13: 978-1687801821

"Journey Home is an amazing story for children and adults to understand how we can be there for each other throughout difficult situations in life. It teaches us about the cause and effects of our actions in the world we live in. Great read for all! I highly recommend you read and enjoy the adventure!"

~ Amazon Review

Book 1I
Friendship Moon

Work In Progress!

Release Date - EOY 2019

The three friends are about to experience their first Friendship Moon celebration. A celebration where everyone is encouraged to make new friends, however they also learn lessons along the way.