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The Books

Book 1 ~
Journey Home

A young goldfish in a polluted pond, must find a new place to live or face almost certain death. Unable to leave the small pond on his own, he seeks the help of his best friends, a turtle and a frog. With time running out, their dangerous plan is his only hope. Together they go on a perilous journey to their new home, Aeternus Pond.
Join the three friends as they make their way past obstacles, and find new friends along the way. Be there as they struggle with uncertainties and prevail, strengthening their bonds of friendship forever.

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Book 2  ~  
Friendship Moon

Friendship Moon is a compelling tale about the denizens of Aeternus Pond struggling with their preconceived notions of recent visitors to the pond. Follow a young goldfish as he navigates his trust of grown-ups at their word, while his instincts tell him otherwise. See how his friends, and the youngsters they mentor are unintentionally influenced. Witness the consequences of all their actions and the painful lessons learned that shape the future of their friendships and the lives at Aeternus Pond. No one ever said making friends was easy. 

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What are the denizens of Aeternus Pond to do when a flood brings with it a menace that preys on the young and unsuspecting? A young turtle struggles to protect his friends, unaware of the danger he is up against. A frog driven to act because of an attack on a friend rises to the occasion. A goldfish ill equipped to take on any predator is challenged to protect the pond's youngsters. Follow along as they discover what each are capable of and how past lessons have prepared them to take on present challenges.

Book 3  ~  
Never Alone
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The denizens of Aeternus Pond have been presented with a solution to a long standing problem. But the solution comes with a whole new set of problems. How will the pond creatures adjust to having to accept help from outsiders, especially when those outsiders are creatures they have never encountered before? Are the risks worth the rewards? Join us on Gary, Meadow and Sheldon's latest adventure as they navigate their way through yet another set of challenges. Follow along as old fears are confronted, and  new fears emerge. Will the denizens of Aeternus Pond rise up to the challenges, or will fear stop their progress? Come join the adventure and see our friends learn valuable life lessons.

Book 4  ~  
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