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About the Author


Edgar Ramirez is a passionate author and captivating storyteller, born and raised in New York City, currently residing in Livingston, New Jersey. He finds immense fulfillment in reading, writing, and the precious moments he shares with his family, particularly his cherished grandchildren.

From a young age, Edgar was surrounded by creativity and imagination. Growing up with three older brothers, he was encouraged to explore the depths of his own mind rather than simply imitate their drawings. This early spark ignited his creative awakening and fueled his boundless imagination. Edgar would spend countless hours dreaming up extraordinary scenarios, which would soon find expression through his drawings. As he matured, those vibrant scenarios found their way onto paper as captivating stories, captivating readers of all ages.

Nature holds a special place in Edgar's heart and serves as a significant theme in his storytelling. During his teenage years, while accompanying his father on fishing trips, Edgar would often venture off on solitary nature walks. Whether meandering through the sand dunes by the seashore or wandering the lush woodlands surrounding a tranquil lake, he would immerse himself in the sights and sounds of the natural world. These awe-inspiring experiences became a wellspring of inspiration for his stories, infusing them with the beauty, mystery, and harmony found in nature.

Edgar's storytelling prowess has not gone unnoticed. He has delighted his family and friends with his captivating narratives, weaving together vibrant characters, thrilling adventures, and heartfelt messages. Now, he extends this gift to a broader audience, sharing his imaginative worlds and heartwarming tales with readers like you.

For a glimpse into the inspiration behind his book "Aeternus Pond - Journey Home," Edgar invites you to explore his blog. There, you'll discover the influences that shaped the story's magical landscapes, unforgettable characters, and the profound themes that resonate throughout the pages.

Step into Edgar Ramirez' enchanting worlds, where imagination takes flight and the wonders of nature come alive. With each story he weaves, Edgar sparks the imagination, instills a love for reading, and leaves readers longing for more.

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